Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1) What are your shipping rates? 

Answer: We offer a Flat Rate Postage Cost depending on the service you require (Regular or Express Post) Australia Wide.  All orders over $100.00 is FREE SHIPPING in Australia. For more details please see our Delivery Policy

2) Do you offer SAME DAY DISPATCH? 

Answer: Unfortunately due to changes with supplier warehouse locations, we can only offer Next Business Day Dispatch.   In some cases, if stock is located in Brisbane QLD at the time of ordering, we will ship same day, however being a Home Based Online Business, space is limited and we only have a select range In Stock at our Brisbane location at anytime.

3) What are your accepted payment methods?

Answer: We accept Direct Deposit, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, AfterPay, ZipPay and ZipMoney

4) Do you offer 30 Day Credit Accounts to regular customers?

Answer: At this stage, we DO NOT offer 30 Day Credit Accounts for regular customers.

5) I have a deadline that I require my item/s, can you ship via Express Post?

Answer: Absolutely! This is subject to some items not being suitable to ship via Express Post. PLEASE NOTE: Express Postage is an extra charge.  If you require something urgently, please contact us ASAP via email, to see if this will be possible. 

6) Do you offer a pick up service?

Answer: At this stage we only offer a Pick Up service for Edible Images if you are in the local area (North Lakes QLD).  For all other items, having warehouses located around Australia, we don't generally carry stock at our North Lakes location.

7) Do you offer Wholesale Pricing?

Answer: At this stage, we only offer retail pricing.  This however may change in the future. To be notified when this will happen or to express interest, please email us at

8) Why are your prices different on eBay to your online store?

Answer: Generally our pricing is the same on both our Website and eBay.  From time to time, we may have a promotional offer running on either site, which could effect pricing.

9) Do you offer a Helium Fill Service? 

Answer: We can offer a Helium Inflation Service for a small additional charge from our North Lakes QLD location.

10) I have a Discount Code, but it isn't working when I checkout? 

Answer: Please check the Discount Code is entered correctly, for example, is it in ALL CAPS?  Is there an expiry date on the discount code?  If you still have issues with adding the discount code, please email us -

11) Why did my order arrive in recycled packaging?

Answer:  We from time to time will re-use packaging (boxes, bubblewrap and any wrapping paper) to move towards a sustainable environment.   However, whilst we are moving towards recycled packaging, we can not control item packaging from the manufacturers.  Most of these are wrapped in plastic.   Until a sustainable postage satchel from Australia Post and other freight providers has been made, you may also receive your item/s in a plastic based poly satchel.

The following questions relate to products.

12) What does "Requires Heat Sealing" mean?

Answer: This means that a "Heat Sealer" is required to seal the balloon valve.  Alternatively you can use a Hair Straightener, purchase a Heat Sealer from us, or see a Florist to do this successfully for you.

13) What balloon sizes are suitable for Helium filling?

Answer: Latex Balloons - 28cm upwards.  And Foil Balloons from 45cm upwards.

14) How long will my Helium Filled Balloons last? 

Answer: This can vary alot.  As a general rule Helium Filled 28cm Balloons can last between 6 and 10hours, and Foil Balloons can last 3-5 days, if not longer.

15) Are there ways to make Helium Filled Latex Balloons last longer? 

Answer:  Short Answer is YES. Most Balloon Speciality Stores will offer a product called "Hi-Float" or "Flight Extender Gel" which can assist with making your Latex Balloons Float for Longer Periods of time.   If you are using our Helium Inflation Service at our North Lakes QLD location, we can offer this treatment for a small additional charge, and it is highly recommended.